Dear Parent(s):

We would like the first visit for your child to be as pleasant as possible.  Because parents often do not know what to expect, it is not unusual for parents and children to be a bit apprehensive about the first dental visit.  By letting you know what will happen during this visit, our office would like to partner with you to make this experience comfortable, enjoyable and positive.  Tell your child in advance that they will be meeting some nice grownups that will help them take care of their teeth. 

When you bring your child for his/her first visit, one of our staff members will explain each and every step of the appointment so there will be no surprises.  We teach with a method called “tell-show-do.” This instills trust in the doctor-child relationship, and gives the child a vested interest in his or her own health. From taking pictures (x-rays if needed depending on your child’s age, dental development, and cavity risk), to getting their teeth cleaned and counted (exam), we will show your child everything first. Focus on the positive! Talk about the fun stuff our office has.  We have iPad stations and toys in the waiting room, TV’s on the ceilings and prizes for the kids at the end! 

Dr. Gandhi will talk to you about the importance of oral hygiene, growth and development and diet/nutrition.  Since our office has an orthodontist, we can also recommend if and when orthodontic treatment would be needed. Together we will come up with a plan for your child’s developing teeth that focuses on prevention and excellent oral health care.  

If your child has a favorite toy that tends to provide comfort, feel free to bring it to the appointment.  Try and schedule the appointment early when your child is most rested.  Avoid discussing any negative dental experiences or dental anxiety you may have with your child. Read a story together about a trip to the dentist or play dentist with your child.  Parents are allowed to join their child as Dr. Gandhi and her staff explain each and every step of the dental visit. You may also set up a “meet and greet” visit with our office where you can bring your child to simply tour the office and meet Dr. Gandhi and our staff!  This will allow your child to become familiar with the office to make the experience even more positive.

We look forward to meeting your family!

Thank you, 
Dr. Gandhi and staff